Bambo Board

Cutting boards made from bamboo are Earth-friendly, because bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource. Bamboo is also completely non-toxic and biodegradable, unlike most plastic or synthetic materials.

Why Do Professional Chefs Love the SoulFino Cut Board?
• An antimicrobial cutting board that’s easy to clean, long lasting, with outstanding performance
• The best chopping board for versatile use, including as a serving tray for a variety of different foods
• Affordable and delivers best-in-class value whether you cook everyday, or just need a high quality wooden cutting board with groove for special occasions




Bamboo is an excellent choice for chopping boards, as it is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Its dense yet gentle structure creates a balanced texture that is tough enough to ensure safe chopping, yet mild enough to prevent knife damage. Bamboo is also lighter weight compared to traditional hardwoods.

The SoulFino EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board & Thick Butcher Block w/ Juice Groove is the convenient and affordable solution!

• 17″X13″X1.5″ and 7.0 lbs. weight is larger, thicker and more versatile
• Low maintenance, scratch resistant, and stylish
• ill not warp or crack like traditional large wooden cutting boards for kitchen
• Resists microbial contamination
• legant and attractive looks that match contemporary kitchen décor

Care Instruction

• Do not submerge in water
• Do not clean in dishwasher
• Do not leave on heated surfaces
• Do not touch with heated pots, pans, or skillets
• Do not store in direct sunlight or in hot/heated areas